Phân biệt


1. FIT mang nghĩa vừa, khít với ai, cái gì về mặt kích cỡ, hình dáng 
(to be the right size or shape for someone or something)

  • That jacket fits you perfectly. 
  • The dress fits like a glove (= very well). 
  • Idiom: fit like a glove có nghĩa là vừa khít (fit someone exactly)
  • Our new sofa doesn't fit through the door. 
  • I don't think another desk will fit into this classroom. 
  • My car's too big to fit in this space.
  • Those trousers fit you nicely. 
  • This tiny device fits into the palm of your hand. 
  • Their new car barely fitted into the garage. 
  • If you can't fit all the cases in your car, I can take a few in mine. 
  • One size fits all (phù hợp cho tất cả)

2. FIT mang nghĩa KHỚP

  • With her qualifications, she should fit the job perfectly. (khớp với nghề)
  • Let the punishment fit the crime. (khớp với tội trạng)
  • I'm sure we'll have something to fit your requirements. (khớp với đòi hỏi)
  • He doesn't fit my image of how an actor should look. 
  • He doesn't conform fit the national stereotype of a Frenchman. 
  • We had to adapt our plans to fit Jack's schedule. 
  • The soundtrack really fits the era in which the film is set. 
  • I don't have anything that really fits the occasion.

1. SUIT mang nghĩa phù hợp về phong cách, khiến ai trông hấp dẫn hơn khi nói về trang phục, quần áo " to make someone look more attractive"

  • You should wear more red - it suits you. 
  • Short skirts don't really suit me - I don't have the legs for them

2. SUIT mang nghĩa phù hợp trong nhiều tình huống, hoàn cảnh khác nhau "to be right for a particular person, situation, or occasion"

  • This restaurant suits people who like simple food. (Nhà hàng này hợp với những người thích ẩm thực đơn giản)
  • The city lifestyle seems to suit her - she looks great. (Cuộc sống của thành phố ấy có vẻ hợp với cô ấy – trông cô ấy tuyệt đấy)
  • How about eight o'clock at the cinema? - That suits me fine. (8h tối ở rạp chiếu phim được không? Giờ ấy hợp với tớ đấy)
  • Như vậy, "fit" có nghĩa "phù hợp, vừa vặn về mặt kích thước" còn "suit" có nghĩa "phù hợp với phong cách, vẻ đẹp, thần thái". Đây là hai nét nghĩa khiến nhiều người dùng nhầm lẫn.
  • Ngoài ra, "suit" còn được dùng cho nghĩa "to be right for a particular person, situation, or occasion" - phù hợp trong nhiều tình huống, hoàn cảnh khác nhau.

III. Cách dùng tính từ"suitable"

  • Someone or something that is suitable for a particular purpose or occasion is right or acceptable for it.
  • suitable for
  • suitable to do something
  • suitable to that particular age group
  • Employers usually decide within five minutes whether someone is suitable for the job.
  • She had no other dress suitable for the occasion. 
  • The film is not suitable for children. 
  • A conference was planned, but finding a suitable venue proved difficult. 
  • Each room has books, toys, and games that are suitable to that particular age group.
  • The car park was full, and the nearest suitable alternative was two miles away. 
  • It's difficult for students to find suitable accommodation. 
  • This film is not suitable for young children. 
  • We need to find someone suitable to send as Corbett's replacement.
  • a suitable room, book, proposal, date ;
  • clothes suitable for cold weather 
  • would now be a suitable moment to show the slides ? 
  • The authority must make suitable accommodation available to the family.