Task 1: The bar chart shows type of media to get daily news, by age group 2011


The bar graph indicates how people belonging to different age groups got daily news in 2001.

Overall, radio was the most popular information source for every age group except the youngest.

Regarding social networking sites, they were favored by the majority of 10-17 teenagers and those falling into 18-9 age group. 40% of the youngest chose to get news from radio while the figure for 18-29 age group was 2.5 times higher. Microblogging was the least common means which attracted only around 20% of people in each of the groups.

Turning to middle age and senior residents, they mostly collected information through radio with the figures being over 80%. Meanwhile the popularity of social network decreased when people got older with the figures standing at 50%, 42% and more than 30%, respectively. Seeing the same trend with the previously mentioned age groups, microblogging attracted the minority of users from 30 to 65+.