Giải đề thi chính thức IELTS Writing Task 1 ngày 21/5/2020

The charts given describe water distribution in the world as well as the water usage in three different nations.

It is clearly seen that saltwater dominates the other while the majority of freshwater exists in the forms of ice and glaciers. Moreover, water is mainly used for agriculture in Egypt and Saudi Arabia while the industry takes the highest level of water in Canada.

Saltwater accounts for 97% of the total amount of water in the world while freshwater takes up a mere 3%. In more detail, 79% of freshwater comes from ice and glaciers, four times as much as the water level under the ground. According to statistics, only 1% of water is on the surface of the Earth.

Turning to the two first countries called Egypt and Saudi Arabia, the water usage for farmland makes up the most immense, at points varying from 75% to 80%, which are the same as that for the industry in Canada. The figures for the other categories in all three countries are also nearly equal at around 10%.

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