Chữa đề thi IELTS Writing task 1 ngày 27/03/2021

The maps show the beachfront in Australia in 1950 and today.

The given maps illustrate the transformations taking place in a front beach during the time period from 1950 and the present day.

Overall, the area has witnessed dramatic changes with the improvement of some facilities and the upgrading of transportation system.

Looking at the first picture in more detail; the front beach was located to the east of the city center. At the end of the road, there was a car park. In front of the beach, we could see a pavilion, four dining tables and a playground. Two 25 meter-pools were situated at the northeast and northwest corners of the beach while the light house could be seen towards the south east of the beach.

Today, the area has observed innovations with the extension of the main road to help tourists connect to the light house. The car park was renovated by a new one with larger space while the places of the playground and the tables were replaced by a new small parking space to meet the increasing demand of the local tourism. One noteworthy point is the introduction of two surf clubs next to the pools with the one on the left made bigger in size reaching 25 meters, together with a restaurant