Maxlearn chữa bài mẫu Writing Task 1 dạng Process

The diagram illustrates the process in which instant noodles are manufactured.

It is clearly seen that there are eight main steps involved in the process, starting with the storage of flour and ending with the release of final products.

At the beginning of the process, flour is stored in silos before being mixed with water and oil. The mixture is then flattened into dough sheets by a system of rollers. At the next stage, those sheets are sliced into long dough strips, which is followed by the shaping stage where the strips are formed in the shape of a disc.

After that it comes to the next step in which disc shaped noodles are cooked in oil and dried. Subsequently, cooked noodles are put into cups; at the same time, vegetables and spices are added and those cups are then labelled and sealed. At the end of the process, the final products are transported to destinations, ready for consumption.