Cách viết đảo ngữ với Only trong IELTS Writing

1. Đảo ngữ là gì?
Giải thích: Hiện tượng đảo vị trí động từ hoặc trợ động từ lên trước chủ ngữ để nhấn mạnh.

2. Đảo ngữ với "ONLY"

  • Only once
  • Only later
  • Only in this way
  • Only in that way
  • Only then + Auxiliary + S + V
  • Only after + N
  • Only by V_ing/ N
  • Only when + clause
  • Only with + N
  • Only if+ clause
  • Only in adv of time/ place

Xét ví dụ:

  • Only later did he manage to get permission.
  • Only with a great deal of effort was he able to escape.
  • Only once did I meet her.
  • Only after all guests had gone home could we relax.
  • Only when I understand her did I like her.
  • Only by practising English every day can you speak it fluently.

Lưu ý:

  • Cách dùng cấu trúc ONLY BY, đây là cấu trúc khuyên các bạn học sinh phải nắm vững
  • Cấu trúc đảo ngữ ONLY BY + VING + MỆNH ĐỀ ĐẢO NGỮ 

Câu ví dụ 1: Only by doing exercises can I lose some weights

Câu ví dụ 2: Đây là cả 1 đoạn mẫu Conclusion của bài nhé!
All things considered, every coin has its two sides and so does modern advances. IN MY VIEW, it is vitally necessary for workers themselves to take their own initiatives to have a well-balanced life, rather BE manipulated by the merits and demerits of modern technologies. Only by doing that can they enjoy their lives to its fullest and avoid being negatively affected by advanced tools.

Câu ví dụ 3: Đây là cả 1 đoạn mẫu Conclusion của bài nhé!
All things considered, I once again reaffirm that only by implementing stricter methods to fast-food industry can we limit the intake of fast-food among modern citizens.