Chữa đề thi IELTS Writing Task 1 ngày 20/05/2021

The given pictures indicate the layout of the ground floor of a specific art exhibition in 2005 and in the present day.

What stands out from the maps is that the art gallery has been innovated with the introduction of some modern facilities.

Looking at the pictures in more detail, the stair up to the entrance has been divided into two parts including steps on the right and a ramp for people using wheelchairs on the left. The reception desk which was located in the north west of the main hall, has been converted into the round one lying in the central area. Moreover, the exhibition room 4 has been cleared, giving place for a children's area focusing on interactive activities and a room for temporary exhibitions.

One note-worthy point is that, the café and shops have been transformed into a new gallery with 3 winding machines set up in the place of the old gallery. In addition, a part of stairs to the upper floor has been used to build an elevator. Finally, the area on the right including three exhibition rooms has remained unchanged.