A glance at the bar graphs depicts some striking information regarding exports of different types of citrus fruits in some various nations in the year 2010.

It is evident from the information supplied that oranges were exported the most, followed by lemons, grapefruits and other ones.

In terms of orange, its exports in South Africa were highest at 1,000,000 metric tons, which was slightly higher than the figure for Egypt with approximately 900,000 metric tons. Standing at the third place was America with the exports of orange being roughly 900,000 metric tons. Turning to Lemon, Turkey was the main exporter with exactly 500,000 metric tons, double/ twice as much as the exports in Argentina. Meanwhile Mexico exported almost 450,000 metric tons of lemons to other nations.

As can be seen from the third picture, the exports of grapefruits in Turkey witnessed the lowest point under 200000 metric tons while the data for South Africa and America were relatively the same at 225000 metric tons. Mexico dominated the exports of other types of citrus fruits with over 400000 metric tones. Whereas the figures for the US and Israel were significantly lower at only 20000 metric tons.

In terms of + Danh từ: Xét về cái gì đó

exports: Khối lượng xuất khẩu