Dạng Discuss both views có thể bố cục bài như sau:

Body 1: Viết về quan điểm Some people believe that teenagers should focus on all school subjects. 

Main idea 1: A well-rounded education in all subjects is essential for a successful future. 

  • Supporting idea: This is because it provides a broad base of knowledge that can be useful in any profession, and it helps teenagers to develop critical thinking skills. 
  • Example: For example, a student who is interested in pursuing a career in medicine may find it beneficial to have a strong foundation in subjects such as biology, chemistry, and physics, in addition to their interest and strengths in subjects like literature or history.

Main idea 2: Not all students are capable of accurately identifying their strengths and interests at a young age.

  • Supporting idea: Therefore, exposure to a variety of subjects may help them discover new passions and abilities.
  • Example: For example, a student who may not enjoy math initially could discover a passion for it later on in their academic career, and limiting their focus to only their perceived strengths or interests could prevent them from realizing their full potential in other subjects.

Body 2: Viết về quan điểm But others believe that teenagers should focus on the subject that they are good at or that they find the most interest & nêu rõ mình ủng hộ quan điểm này.

Main idea 1: This approach can help teenagers to achieve better academic results as they are more likely to put in extra effort and be motivated to learn. 

Supporting idea: 

  • By allowing students to focus on their strengths and interests, they may be more likely to stay engaged and motivated throughout their academic career.


  • For example, a student who loves science may be more motivated to learn and excel in science classes, leading to higher grades and potentially even pursuing a career in that field. 
  • Similarly, a student who struggles in a particular subject may become discouraged and disengaged, leading to lower grades and a negative attitude towards education.

Main idea 2: Furthermore, it can also allow teenagers to develop expertise in a specific field, which can lead to future career opportunities.

Supporting idea: 

  • Pursuing expertise in a specific field enables teenagers to explore and deepen their passion. 
  • This exploration is essential for self-discovery and helps them understand their interests, which is valuable when making informed decisions about their future careers.

Example: For example, a student who excels in math and enjoys it may pursue a career in engineering while a student who is passionate about art may become a graphic designer or a fine artist.