Hôm nay Maxlearn gửi đến các bạn trọn bộ từ vựng về Topic Shopping, là chủ đề mới khá thường gặp trong IELTS WRITING nhé.
• becoming increasingly common = gain in popularity 
ex: Shopping online for things like books, air tickets, and groceries is becoming increasingly common
• drawbacks = minus points 
ex: Although there are some drawbacks to shopping online, the advantages are significantly greater
• scams = theft
ex: The dangers of shopping online include scams and theft, but these are outweighed by the incredible convenience of shopping online
ex: For example, elderly people who are not aware of scams online may be more likely to purchase something from a fake website or give their bank account information to a thief pretending to be an employee of the bank
• trick sb  = deceive sb 
ex: Some people use the Internet to create fake websites that are designed to trick people
• have access to a much wider range of choices = access to sth  (verb)
ex: For instance, when shopping for air tickets or books, going online gives you access to a much wider range of choices so you can find a better deal without wasting time at a travel agents office
• waiting in line at the supermarket
ex: In addition, shopping for groceries online saves time by avoiding waiting in line at the supermarket
• Caution = be careful of sth 
ex: Online scams and theft can easily be avoided with a little bit of caution and the remarkable convenience of online shopping cannot be ignored.
• Essential(s): đồ dùng thiết yếu
ex: The store down the street has all the kitchen essentials you need like pots and pans at a very reasonable price.
• Haggle: mặc cả = Bargain (v)
ex: Remember to always haggle when you peruse markets, especially those in Asia.
• Inexpensive: rẻ (từ này hay hơn cheap) = Low-priced
ex: I don't follow fashion or trends closely, so as you can probably guess, most of my clothes are inexpensive.
• Pricy = Expensive
ex: The houses on the other side of town can be quite pricey because they're closer to the city center.
• Over-priced: quá đắt (so với chất lượng)
ex: I personally think that most designer clothes are overpriced.
• Rip somebody off: bán giá cắt cổ ==> Dùng trong Speaking thôi 
ex: It is difficult not to get ripped off when you're in a foreign country.
• ... is a steal/ a real bargain: mua được cái gì đó tốt mà giá lại rẻ ==> Dùng trong Speaking thôi 
ex: I got this new rug for just 4 dollars. It was a steal!
• Window shopping 
• Get into debt: nợ nần 
• Must - have products: sản phẩm phải có  
• to be on a tight budget 
• to shop around: 
• summer sales 
• To be value for money 
• to be fashion - conscious: thời trang 
• Compulsive shopper: người cuồng mua sắm 
• Door - to - door service
• Genuine / authentic goods 
• Fraudulent / Deceitful: lừa gạt 
• To shop until you drop : Mua sắm thả cửa 
• To slash prices: Đại hạ giá