Bài mẫu Writing Task 2 chủ đề Happiness cho cộng đồng học IELTS Online mùa Covid 

Ngày đăng : 30-03-2020 11:03:40

Bài mẫu Writing Task 2 chủ đề Happiness cho cộng đồng học IELTS Online mùa Covid 

In some countries, young people become richer, healthier, and live longer, but they are less happy. What are the causes? What can be done to deal with the problem?

Over the past few years, happiness has become a broad issue to the public. There are many people who strongly advocate that in some parts of the world, adolescents are getting richer, physically stronger and have longer expectancy, but they feel less happy. Although noticeably there will be some leading causes of the issue, its impacts have not been recognized by many people. Discussed below are several reasons as well as solutions for the issue.

First and foremost, people should recognize that unhappiness stems from a number of following causes. A very important point to consider is that the more prosperous the more isolated people get. It is because of the fact that many rich people lose their belief in other ones surrounding them due to the fear of being taken advantages, leading to the narrow of their relationship. Another point I would like to make is that. The well-beneficial condition is directly proportional to high pressure people have to face. It is obvious that high level of income always require a great amount of time for work, leading to the shortage of recreational activities which help to bring happiness.

In order to solve the problem, people should take some concerted measures. One primary approach to deal with the issue would be that people should create their own hobby to pursue. It can be illustrated by the example that I spend most of my spare time collecting children books, which give me the feeling of satisfactory after hours of working hard. Moreover, they can find happiness in taking part in extracurricular activities. By doing this, people are given a golden chance to improve their communicative skill as well as share their emotion with the others.

In conclusion, the mentioned facts above have outlined some causes accompanied by ways to address the problem. Although the suggested solutions could be a very good step, people should have further consideration on the issue. 
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