Giải đề thi thật IELTS Writing 18/01/2020

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The diagram describes the process of ethanol fuel production from corn.

Giải đề thi thật IELTS Writing 18/01/2020

It is evident from the information supplied that there are eight distinct stages involved in this process, beginning with the initial collection of corn and ending with ethanol transporting. 

At the first stage in the ethanol production process, corn is collected and goes through the storing stage. Next, the stored corn is transported to a mill where it is milled and then mixed and cooked together with water within four hours. Following this, the mixture is fermented for two days before being taken to the next step. After that it comes to the following stage in which the fermented corn is divided into two parts which are the major products in liquid form and the solid leftovers. The liquid ethanol is later purified for five hours, after which undergoes the storing step. Finally, the end product which is refined ethanol fuel is transported to different destinations, ready for consumption 

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TASK 2: Some people say that to be successful in sport need to be physically strong. Others argue that mental strength is more important. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Giải đề thi thật IELTS Writing 18/01/2020

Over the past few years, sport has become a broad issue to the public. While it is argued that physical strength is the most important factor in the success in sport, there are some people who strongly advocate that spiritual strength is more vital. In my opinion, I agree with the former point of view. Discussed below are several reasons supporting both perspectives.

First and foremost, people should recognize that to be successful in sport, mental strength plays an important role. A very important point to consider is that this element helps us have the ability to overcome discomfort especially when facing difficulty in taking part in a sport. It could be illustrated by the example that professional sport players, before gaining rewarding achievements, used to experience miserable period of training. Another point I would like to make is that having mental strength is all about having a high level of accountability. It means that your word is your law and everything you say has to be done.

On the other hand, there are some arguments supporting the statement that being physically strong is more crucial and I agree with it more. In fact, most general sports require physical strength except mental-oriented ones like chess. It leads to that without this factor, amateur as well as professional athletes cannot perform or keep up with time-consuming training courses. Moreover, it reduces the risk of getting injured which can happen. For example, the people who have better physically strength in running have fewer chances to be exhausted compared to the ones who are weak.

In conclusion, the mentioned facts above have created a dilemma when people discuss the impacts of the issue. As far as I am concerned, I put more emphasis on the idea that people playing sport should value physical strength more than mental one. People should have further consideration on the issue.

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