Translation services



Maxlearn Translation Center (ML Translation Center) provides prestigious and good-quality translation services in Vietnamese - English, English - Vietnamese and other languages such as Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, and German...

With a team of translators who are teachers at foreign language centers and experienced and highly qualified lecturers at university obtained with diverse vocabulary, we are always confident with the fastest translation speed and best accuracy.

In addition to translation, Maxlearn also provides services related to consular legalization and criminal records based on the needs of customers.


Quality, Fastness and Professionalism are the 3 factors that make Maxlearn's brand


Maxlearn has a strong point in translation for specific professions related to criminal records or those that require high accuracy with terminologies. Good translation quality will help customers save time and effort.


A team of skilled translators, modern machinery and equipment and professional translation processes allow Maxlearn to always complete the translations for customers before the deadline.


Professionalism is Maxlearn's guideline during the nearly 20 years of establishment and development. We are always professional in our work, service and service attitude.


The support and trust of customers over the past 20 years is the greatest achievement that Maxlearn has achieved. We continuously improve service quality to bring the best experience to our customers.

95% of customers return 10,000+ translation projects 50+ translators with IELTS 7.0 or higher