TOEIC 750 - 990 Part 6: Text Completion Practice 1

Ngày đăng : 08-03-2016 02:03:08

Questions 1-3 refer to the following letter.

INK Inc.
Room 288, North Building
30-2 Nonhyon-dong
SEOUL 135-010

Lee Yong
Ministry of Forestry
130 Shinmullo
SEOUL 110-700
November 9, 2015

Dear Lee Yong:

As (1)........ Monday, November 29, INK Incorporated will be operating out of a new warehouse, located at 13-8 Nonhyon-dong, Kangnam-ku. The new telephone number is 82-2-555-1000.

Because we are in a new district, there are a few new parking (2)........ for customers.

We have a small parking lot on the south side of this building for INK Inc. customers. If you need to park for more than a few minutes, please park in the east lot and purchase a parking ticket before entering the building. Our receptionist will reimburse you for your parking fee. You will only get your money back after you present the receipt. Customers who park in the south lot for more than 30 mins run the risk of being towed by the city. The maximum stay in the east lot is 3 hours. INK Inc. does not take responsibility for towing charges. (3)........ in the all-day lot.

This is for staff parking only.

Please use our new location for orders and pick-ups only. Customer and account services will remain at our original location.
Thank you for choosing INK Inc. as your supplier.

An Chang-ho
Vice President

Questions 4-6 refer to the following e-mail message.
To: abereiko
From: senvp
Re: Great idea!
Thank you for your suggestion about (4)........ our unused computer equipment.

I just looked into the program you recommended in the Aoyama school district. After speaking with the principals of 3 different schools, I am confident that we have plenty (5)........ equipment.

That may be useful to students. Like you said, many of our computers are still in good working order even though they no longer fulfill our needs. In exchange or our computers, two of the schools have offered to advertise our company in their yearbook.

To thank you for taking this initiative, I have nominated you for Employee of the Month. There are no longer (6)........ at this time, so you have a good chance at winning.

This month’s prize is a weekend for two at a ski resort in Hokkaido.
Good luck!


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