TOEIC 750 - 990 Part 7: Reading Comprehension Practice 1

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Questions 1-4 refer to the following report.
Currently, the Old and Historic Riyadh District is governed by procedures and requirements that were enacted in 1995. At that time, significant changes were made to the 1980 ordinance (No.984) regulating renovations, construction, and development in the district. Perhaps the most important aspect of the new requirements was a further expansion of the powers of the city government to protect historic buildings. Under the revised ordinance, the city can now use the power of eminent domain to acquire buildings that have been neglected and have fallen into disrepair. This is significant in stemming the lost of valuable sites. It not only preserves and maintains historical properties for posterity but also constitutes a significant contribution to the maintenance of the historic atmosphere of the district. Also, for the first time a height limit was imposed within the Old and Historic Riyadh District. To ensure that future development would be compatible with existing structures, height limits were enacted as follows: 77 feet along commercial corridors, 62 feet within the urban renewal area, and 50 feet in general residential areas. Again, this regulation contributes significantly to maintaining the historic feel of the district. Many cities around the world have successfully regulated renovation and construction within historic areas, resulting in, among other benefits, and increase in revenue from tourism.

Questions 5-8 refer to the following e-mail message.
From: Armando Salgado
To: Our Customers
Subject: Coffee prices
To our valued customers:

Due to the recent increases in Atlantic freight rates, we find it necessary to raise our prices on Brazilian coffee. This increase will go into effect starting with your next order of coffee. Freight rates, as you know, are one of the most important factors in determining prices in this business.

The rising cost of fuel, which is affecting all corners of the world economy, is largely responsible for the rise in rates. Even a cursory survey of the market will show you that the change is far-reaching, and we would like to point out that our prices have been raised no higher than necessary. In fact, we have made every effort to keep out costs, and therefore our prices, as low as possible.

In sum, we wish to assure all our valued customers that we intent to adhere to our policy of providing a high-quality product at a competitive price.
If you have any questions regarding this or any other matter, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Armando Salgado
Salgado Coffee, Inc.

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