TOEIC 300 - 550 Part 7: Reading Comprehension Practice 1

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Questions 1 – 3 refer to the following notice
Training workshops for the After School Teacher Program (ATP) are scheduled for every third Thursday of the month. The workshops cover the ATP requirements and the application process. Attendance at the workshop is required in order to participate in the ATP.
You cannot attend the training workshop without prior registration

Questions 4 – 6 refer to the following notice
Birthday parties
The State Art Center will make your party educational, fun and memorable!
Party Themes: All parties are appropriate for both boys and girls
You need to be approved by your parents.

Questions 7 – 10 refer to the following notice and e-mail.
Volunteer opportunities
The Metro Art Museum depends on strong volunteer partnerships to carry out its work. Volunteer to share your knowledge, to learn and to meet new people.
Volunteering advantages include a 20-percent museum store discount, invitations to exhibit openings and a chance to learn about new exhibits.
To: Recruiting, The Metro Art Museum
From: Ginny Williams
Date: April 20
Subject: Volunteer Positions
I’m writing to ask information about volunteer opportunities in the Metro Art Museum.
I once worked as a guide for a museum in another city. I’m really interested in volunteering in an art museum.
Please send me some specific information.
Thank you.

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